BICO has an extensive number of projects to its credit, including development of large housings, hospitals, hotels, banks, prestigious commercial and government buildings, mixed-use high-rise buildings and refurbishment of luxury interiors as well as decoration of palaces. At BICO, it is a standard practice to apply engineering techniques of rigorous value to every project, with the result of deriving optimal options from thorough analysis of all aspects of design and construction. This maximizes project performance and value to the client’s definitive advantage.

BICO’s design philosophy is based on the notion of commitment to achieving excellence while satisfying the needs of each client and reaching solutions that respond to their taste and benefits.

A complete range of services is offered for the planning, designing and delivering Spaces for humans.
Our main office, seat of engineers acting as our electromechanical department coordinators, provides the sites with the support required to secure the best possible composite drawings at ceilings, floors and elevations. The final result is eventually a coordinated product complete with integrated services, pleasing all parties involved in its realization. BICO works closely with every client to identify current needs and create innovative solutions to reach short- and long-term investment goals.