Bizri International Company (BICO) is an engineering firm that specializes in execution, design, project management and project maintenance.

With roots that go back to 1990, the firm was originally a construction company focusing on residential buildings and then, in 2006, became known as BICO. Today BICO is headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon and has a network of branches in the MENA region.

Our Goals

In today’s business world, professional know-how is coupled with flexibility and innovation soon to compete successfully in an ever-changing environment.

Our Mission is to maximize our clients return on investment while achieving their Goals.

We are committed to

  • Your safety first and foremost
  • Making you feel at Home
  • Understanding your needs and goals
  • Delivering the highest quality vision for the best products and services

Our goal is to excel in every step of our commitment, relying on our experience and know-how, whilst adhering to the highest safety, quality and environmental standards.

Our Strategy

  • Expand our services, hand in hand with developing our client’s needs.
  • Conduct all of our business with the highest level of integrity.
  • Recruit and improve skilled and motivated personnel and management.


We develop cooperation between our international offices, and work with international partners to ensure our clients’ best interests.

We engineer your ideas and build them to your satisfaction

To assure successful implementation and competitive advantage, we develop execution and control plans for the management system under consideration.
All members of our team are highly motivated and committed to fulfilling all of our client’s requirements. We cultivate team work, not only among our employees, but also with clients and partners.

Bico quickly acquired an excellent record of effective performance in project development and management including the execution of turnkey projects marking a first class reputation in the global marketplace.

Our clients recognize us as reliable partner able to materialize their visions effectively and efficiently. Our comprehensive solutions for consulting and project management services in the fields of construction, quality, marketing, finance & strategic management across all industry verticals have landmarked BICO as a Multi-National.

No matter what part of the world you are located in, our unique onsite and online consulting services are designed to meet your specific requirements to ensure you implement and achieve your visions and goals quickly and with the highest degree of process optimization.