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Coast -Beirut, Lebanon.

Magnolia Café

  Magnolia Café -Le Mall Dbayeh, Lebanon

Café Libanais

  CAFÉ LIBANAIS –Beirut, Lebanon Located at Beirut Souks -Lebanon

Café Centre-Ville

    CAFÉ CENTRE-VILLE –Beirut, Lebanon Located in the heart of Beirut Central District.

Hamra Café

Hamra Café – Hamra Main Street, Beirut, Lebanon The monumental Cafe Hamra catches your attention even when you’re just drifting by: a paramount red hue fishes you into a regional museum of art, music and taste. A collection of rare posters and photographs from the pop culture hangs on a stream of cherry walls bounding the […]

Royal Office

Royal Office, Beirut, Lebanon

Takieddine Residence

  Takieddine Residence, Beirut, Lebanon

Café de Flore

Café de Flore, ABC Debayeh, Lebanon Interior Design Execution and Construction Management Founded in 1885, Cafe de Flore is a cafe that has been famed for its intellectual clientele. Saint­ Germaine-des-Pres was a place to meet people and to become friends, a real laboratory where any proposed his form, his color, his taste, his vision […]


Napoletana, Hamra, ABC Ashrafieh & ABC Dbayeh Interior Design Execution and Construction Management The aim of Napoletana is to provide a typical neighborhood Italian restaurant that would not be out of place on the corner of any Italian street. Focusing on the expressive and genuine Italian ambiance, all the elements that went to the place […]


Metropole, Beirut Central District, Lebanon Interior Design Execution and Construction Management Located in the prestigious Grand Hotels District in Downtown Beirut, Metropole is a brasserie with a relaxed upscale setting, serving not only French food, but classic dishes from other cuisines such as American and Italian. It’s locale as well as its international outlook have […]


COZMO: Cozmo Café, Zeitunay Bay & ABC Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon Interior Design Execution and Construction Management “Cozmo in name, Cosmopolitan in style. Cozmo Café is yet another creation brought to the Lebanese F&B industry by Boubess Group, the nation’s leading Hospitality Company. Cosmo Café’s concept is to serve up an international menu including a wide variety […]

NA3NA3 Restaurant

  NA3NA3 Restaurant – Baghdad, Iraq Architectural and Interior Design Study, Design Development and Construction Management Coming out from their bunkers and safe houses, many Baghdadis are seeking for a change. Na3na3 is designed to give all incomers a jolt of the modern urban life encompassed with Iraqi passion and beauty. Style and technology were […]